7 Signs your girlfriend is losing interest in you due to long distance love


Pain of long distance relationship

While, we all fail in love because it’s normal, Love is nice and sweet when someone you love is near you.
You feel happy and complete whenever you wakeup and look at that one you love…
Sometimes if your far the one you love, you feel like you should meet everyday because “Hallo!!” Only on a phone may not satisfy you like meeting the one you love face to face.


When people fail in love mostly the youth, we feel like we should be looking at those we love everyday and night.
But there are some situations that may force you to move far away from that one you love…
Mostly guys move for work, and for other businesses, while girls mostly of the times remain behind and that results into long distance love.
The truth is girls are not strong enough to wait for their guys who are far them, because for them they only love someone near them…

I remember I had a girlfriend but time came when I had to leave for work, we agreed that even though we gona be far each other, it will not end our relationship, but she failed to wait, it was early in the morning I wakedup and immediately after switching on my phone, the first message I received was”


Hny, sorry but am no longer able to wait, enough is enough, the truth is am no longer your girl lover, goodbye.

Hoooop shit, since it was morning I first thought that maybe am dreaming but later I knew that she ment it..and that was the end of me and her…

Anyway, here are 7 Signs Your girlfriend is losing interest in you due to long distance love.

1. Your girlfriend has stopped calling you or initiating text messages. Perhaps she has not yet said anything outright.
But if you get the feeling that the power balance if who is initiating the communications is shifting such that you are doing all of the chasing, then it is likely your girlfriend is getting second thoughts.

2. The conversations of late have lacked any spark. Your girlfriend seems a bit depressed, lacking enthusiasm. When you ask her about it, she denies anything is wrong. But you are starting to get that sinking feeling that this Long distance relationship could be running out of steam.

3. Your girlfriend wants to talk about the relationship, and where things are going. You sense she is not happy with the trajectory of this long distance relationship and no matter what you say, you can’t seem to get her to agree that the two of you can work it out. Your girlfriend is becoming increasingly despondent and negative, failing to offer solutions.


You have been trying to reach her but it seems she is taking forever to get back to you. Then when you finally break through to make contact, she makes an excuse as to why she can’t talk for very look. It is like she is avoiding you and when you are finally able to talk, she has little to say and you have to carry the conversation.

5. Your girlfriend lets it slip that she might be seeing someone else. It is almost like she wants you to know, but she doesn’t want to actually confirm it. Of course, when you do finally master up your courage to ask her if she is seeing someone else, she responds in less than convincing way.

6. Your long distance relationship girlfriend starts asking you questions about whether you have gotten frustrated with how things are progressing. She practically encourages you to go out and date other girls if you want because she wouldn’t “blame” you. The whole discussion is peculiar and disturbing because you wonder why your girlfriend wants you out there chasing after other girls. It as if she is looking for a way to break up with you or give herself cover for dating another guy.

7. The long distance aspect of the relationship can take it’s toll in the increased frequency of fights. Indeed, it seems your girlfriend is going out of her way to pick fights, almost like she wants a reason to breakup. She keeps prodding and pushing and being unreasonable in such a way that you are wondering if she is setting you up as the “Bad Guy.”

8. She will never care for you, whatever good deeds you do for her, when she loses interest, she start thinking on another guy, you will now look like a commoner to her…..


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