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6 Secrets of self-control

Self Control is a skill we all possess (honest); yet we tend to give ourselves little credit for it. We all get things that make us to loose control, but again it’s better to maintain and take strong control on our daily life things that make us to loose control… Here are six secrets of […]

Love or Money?

We sometimes mix love with money and sometimes we separate love from money. Would you choose love or money? If you fell in love with a poor man would you stay with him because ‘love always wins?’ Assume your girlfriend/wife can’t have both, love and money, and she chose money, would that make her a […]

11 Tips for building a happy family

Images of happy families are not in short supply, we see them plastered all over the pages of magazines and they are regularly on our TV screens. Does yours fit the portrait of a happy family? The truth is that happy families have cranky kids, messy houses and money struggles, just like everyone else. Don’t […]

Reasons you should exercise

Exercise increase blood flow and oxygen levels in the brain. It also encourages the release of the brain chemicals (hormones) that are responsible for the production of cells in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that controls memory and learning. This, in turn, boosts concentration levels and cognitive ability, and helps reduce the risk […]

Signs you are going to be rich and successful

We all fantasize about becoming successful, but not everyone actually works towards that goal. That’s why some of us end up living out our dreams while others end up living out of their parents basements. Not sure which path you are on? Here are a few signs riches are in your future: 1. You won’t […]

Ways you can earn the respect of others

You want to be respected, but you are not sure how this whole thing works. The key here is to stop focusing on you,and start thinking about others. How can you help others? How can you inspire change, growth, and innovation? When you think about the people you respect deeply, what do they do differrently […]