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Ways to take good care of your phone

Many people loose their phones due to poor way of caring… Phones needs great care, you should take a good care for your phone if you want it to last… Today am going to share with you same ways on how you can take care of your phone in order for it to last longer…. […]

Tips to help you save data bundles on your smart phone

Cellular data used to be something we took for granted when we were still using analog phones and data had unlimited plans. And what is funny is even the so called unlimited options throttle you after using a certain amount of gigabytes on smart phones, making data a resource we hold very dear. Are you […]

What you need to know about Samsung Galaxy S9

What is the samsung galaxy S9? Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 is an interesting beast. On first glance, it looks as though its barely been updated over 2017’s Galaxy S8, albeit with fresh internals and a more logically-placed fingerprint senser, but is there more than meets the eye here? The competition in 2018 is arguably more […]