Here is another animal meat you need to test


Ooooh, people can eat, I made a visit in northern Uganda, Packwach, and I was moving around in the evening touring the place, I met a man carrying many big-rat-like animals on the bicycle, I wondered what was the use of such animals, I didn’t expect that people eat them.


Good as he was pushing his bicycle one failed down and he stopped to pick it, and from there I got a chance to ask him about those big-rat-like animals.

I asked the man what are those big-rat-like animals for.
He told me that they are eaten, he was taking them at the market place to sale them.


I didn’t believe it at first, he continued and told me that they are nice and the test is like that of chicken meat.

I asked him how they are called because for me it was my first time to see such big-rat-like animals.
He told me that they are called “ANYERI” in Acholi language while I tried to find there English name but i failed to get it, I also tried to find their name in my local language but I didn’t find….Ok

I asked him how that Anyeri(big-rat) are prepared and cooked if they are really eaten.
He explained to me everything: here is how he explained:

Hot water: This big-rat(Anyeri) to remove it’s hair you need to use hot water, he told me that you get hot water and them you put it inside hot water for five minutes and then you get any thing like a knife or small stick and you start removing the hairs, you can also just use your hands the way you remove feathers of a hen.

Now after removing all the hair, the meat is white, for sure it does not attract even to eat but I don’t know how they really do to eat it, below is how it looks like after removing the hair.

Now after removing all the hair, next they wash it well then they put it on fire the way you do after removing feathers on the hen, below is the photo when it is on fire.

The reason to why they put it on fire first is to make it dry, or to make the remaining water that was used when removing hair to dry so that they can cut cut it well, below is a photo when they are now cutting it to remove internal parts and unwanted parts.


Now when they finish to remove the internal parts and unwanted parts, the remaining part looks like this: see photo below:

Now after cleaning it like that, they again smoke it before they cook it, here is a photo when smoking it for the last time:

Last smoking takes 30min to 1 hour depending on the amount of fire set.
After the last smoking it will look like this, see photo below:

When it reach that stage, it can be eaten, but he told me that they now Cook it the way you cook the meat of a cow, or chicken.
He told me that it’s meat is so nice like that of chicken.
I failed to give it a try to test it because it’s meet scared me as it was white like that of a pig, it’s smile is OK.

The meet is so soft and even bones are soft in that even a 3 year kid can not fail to eat it’s bones.

The man told me that, that animal (big-rat) is on the market than the chicken in their area because of it’s sweeteness.

He told me that, that animal (big-rat, Anyeri) can be exchanged with two hens.
Oh, Two big hens, you get one big-rat.


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