Signs you are in love with the wrong person

Signs you are in love with the wrong person

Love is a tricky business. It happens when you are least expecting it, in the most unusual ways with people you colud never imagine yourself with. And isn’t always that it makes life beautiful. Love scares too. Sometimes, even the most perfect people are not right for you. If you have fallen in love with the wrong person too, here’s something that you will relate to.


1. You may love them with all your heart, do things no other person would do for anyone else, but they just don’t reciprocate. If feels completely one sided.

2. You cannot be yourself in front of them. You are always pretending to be someone else fearing they won’t approve of who you really are. You don’t think they would understand and worse, accept you the way you are.


3. Your partner is emotionally unavailable. They choose to be distant. There’s a lot you want to do for them but it seems they don’t want your love.

4. Neither they don’t want to be involved in your life. They have absolutely no interest in you. They don’t know what you want from life or the relationship and don’t even care.

5. They are a bad listener. They are always hearing when you talk but rarely listening. They have no interest in knowing about what you want to do in life, how your day went or how you feel about them.

6. Love isn’t what you feel for someone; it is about how someone else makes you feel about yourself. And you just don’t feel good about yourself when you are around them. You are constantly unsure of who you are in their presence.

7. You can talk to them several times during the day but you just cannot imagine having a real conversation with them. They not only miss out on what you are trying to say, they go on to a different tangent you just cannot relate with every time you start talking about something. Some people just don’t connect on a mental level and there’s nothing you can do about it.

8. You have been with them for a really long time now but you still think you don’t know anything about them. Their whole life is a mystery to you, a world they just don’t let you in on. Loving your personal space is one thing, shutting people out is another.

9. They take you for granted, so much that it has started to bruise your self-respect. And if that is the case, walking out is the best option, for some people never change.

10. You are becoming non-confrontational as a person because they just don’t know how to rise above fights and arguments. You would rather avoid any conflict just because you are scared they will turn it into a nastly fight. Sadly, being non-confrontational rarely works!

11. Conversations with them are never satisfying. They don’t seem to understand you beyond your words and always go off on a totally different tangent.

12. Every relationship has its lows, more downs than ups. But if two people connect with each other on the root level and have respect for each other, most fights get resolved with time. But if even the thought of making it work leaves you exhausted, you are probably stuck with the wrong person.


13. You don’t look forward to meeting them anymore. You are not excites at all; in fact, all you think about is how to avoid arguments and fights.

14. You are not happy with them. You may love them from all your heart, but you don’t love how you are treated in the relationship. The cons of the relationship always seem to weigh the pros down.

15. They just don’t seem to care about your feelings. They don’t acknowledge all the efforts you put in for them. Neither do they respect you as a person.

16. Just because of the discomfort and bitterness that has started to creep in, you would rather hang out with your friends than be on a date with your partner. You enjoy the company of your friends much more.

17. They have been trying to mould you into the person they want you to be and you have been obliging only with the hope of being loved but you don’t like what you are becoming. It is clear they don’t love you for who you are.

18. You don’t even remember the last time you shared a moment with them. You have been so caught up in resolving conflicts and arguments since forever; the romance has almost ceased to exist.

19. They seem to be a little too demanding. They make you feel inadequate all the time and if a relationship makes you feel terrible about yourself, it’s not worth being in.

20. As much as you want it to work, at the back of your mind you already know the future isn’t too bright.

21. They don’t trust you. They are constantly doubtful and insecure about your loyalty. And there’s only so much you can do to make a person trust you.

22. It is not always that a relationship fails because the other person is emotionally unavailable. Sometimes, they are possessive, and that too to an obsessive level, leaving you with absolutely no personal space.

23. They need constant care and attention. They are a little too needy and tend to totally depend on you for their survival.