Signs your girl is a public Toyi

Whether looking for a girl that would be down for a night of fun or screening a girl to see if she would be long term material It’s good to be aware of red flags that signal that a girl is easy. Now I should mention that a girl could have none of these signs and still be public toyiiiii, it’s just that girls who are easy to get generally exhibit these signs. So just because a girl doesn’t exhibit these doesn’t mean she’s an angel (no girl really is) however for every sign she does exhibit on this list you can safely put your money on that she puts out like it’s her job. So without further dapada, here are signs your girlfriend or that you plan to get is public toyiiiii…


1. She drink like a man
This could be in amount drank or in type. For some reason girls who like whiskey over fruity cocktails and others womanly drinks seem to be more manly in other areas of well. Namely in their sex drive. I don’t know if this is because they want to be like men and therefore drink and put out like men or for some other reason. But if she’s ordering whiskey on the rocks there’s a good chance she will end up on her back at the end of the night.
This could also mean girls who drink to excess for obvious reason s…

2. She smokes….
There is an old saying that has held pretty true in my experience and that is “If she smokes, she pokes.” I don’t know if it’s because smoking is seem as risque and therefore risk taking or if it’s seen as manly the same way with the girl who likes to drink whiskey. But for whatever reason girls who smoke more also like to do other things more. Again this probably has something to do with either risk taking or lack of self control. Who knows the reason why but if she’s a smoker then she’s much more likely to put out…


3. She has tattoos….
Chalk this up to risk taking, lack of self control, daddy issues, or wanting to be manly but the more tattoos a girl has the easier she is…..this could also be because she wants to be rebellious or bad is to sleep with as many men as she can. Again don’t focus so much on the why of these as that’s not what’s important. Just understand this list so you know what to look for. The more of her body that is covered in tattoos the more likely she’s easy as pia and the more easy as pia is public toyiiiii….

4. She’s a cougar…..
If you see a woman in her 40’s who is dressed like she is in her 20’s and about two tons Worth of makeup on you can bet she’s easy….when a woman tries to be a “cougar” (new age term for old desperate whore)
She’s going to try to live the “cougar lifestyle” and sleep with as many young guys as she can…Add in divorce and this is also a motivating factor. So if a woman is 30-40 but dressed like she is 20 that’s a sign that she is easy pia to everyone resulting to public toyiiiii…

5. She does drugs….
This one is rather a gimme. If a girl has so little self confidence or respect for herself that she is involved with drugs that’s going to transfer into other areas of her life as well. While drugs are much more acceptable now then they were before that doesn’t change the psychological makeup of someone who does them. Drugs show that a woman doesn’t have the best decision making skills (and that’s with poor decision making skills to start with( and that leads to other areas of her life as well…


6. She has Daddy….
Another gimme. A girl’s relationship with her father is going to have the biggest impact on how she relates to other men. When a girl has had a poor or absent relationship with her father she is going to seek “daddy” somewhere else. Usually with daddy issues try to seek fulfillment through sex with men. Hoping that they will get what they never got in childhood….

7. She’s an attention whore….
Alright I guess that would include all woman wouldn’t it???? Kidding aside (though not really kidding) women who seek constant attention (especially male attention) are looking for something ….Particularly something in men… If a girl has a social media account that she uses to get validation and attention to men it’s a good bet that she’s easy …A perfect example of this are Instagram, Facebook, etc. Two women not exactly known for their chastity……

Oh girls sorry!!!!!!