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Reasons why long distance relationships will never work

Regardless of how you feel about her and how she feels about you. When there is distance between you, something is going to happen, in most cases it’s a breakup. There is far too much time wasted on long distance relationships which could have been saved with pragmatic thinking. Here are the reasons why long […]

7 Signs your girlfriend is losing interest in you due to long distance love

Pain of long distance relationship While, we all fail in love because it’s normal, Love is nice and sweet when someone you love is near you. You feel happy and complete whenever you wakeup and look at that one you love… Sometimes if your far the one you love, you feel like you should meet […]

25 Thing You Should Know Before Marriage

Marriage is good and everyone living have to face it, but it has it’s merits and demerits. Some times your marriage can be for long term (lasts up to the day you leave the world, sometimes it can be easy come easy go). Today am sharing with you what you should know before marriage. When […]

11 Tips for building a happy family

Images of happy families are not in short supply, we see them plastered all over the pages of magazines and they are regularly on our TV screens. Does yours fit the portrait of a happy family? The truth is that happy families have cranky kids, messy houses and money struggles, just like everyone else. Don’t […]

Things you should never do when you breakup with your lover

Breakups. Whether you “consciously uncoupled” or were heartlessly dumped out of the blue, any kind of parting ways can sting. There are healthy ways to deal with your grief, which is real and vaild, but there are also things that can trip you up and postpone healing. Don’t lose heart: you will move on in […]

how to say sorry

How to say sorry

relationships, we hurt one another. Sometimes we do it on purpose, and sometimes we had no idea that we offended our partner. Once we realize that we inflicted pain on them, whether we intend to or not, the correct thing to do is to say “I’m sorry” and repair the damage. But many of us […]

Signs you are in love with the wrong person

Signs you are in love with the wrong person

Love is a tricky business. It happens when you are least expecting it, in the most unusual ways with people you colud never imagine yourself with. And isn’t always that it makes life beautiful. Love scares too. Sometimes, even the most perfect people are not right for you. If you have fallen in love with […]