Traits of highly successful men

Men don’t become highly successful by accident. While the concept of how successful a man is remains a matter of personal judgment, regardless of a man’s wealth or fame, there are undeniable habits and traits a man has to have to help him achieve success and to maximize his true potential.
Successful men are different. They set goals and they achieve them. So how does a man become a true success?
What habits and traits do these men have that help them reach that place that makes them highly successful?
How do they achieve their goals and do so in a way that reflects success on themselves and those around them?
Here are ten traits about successful men.



1. Time Management….


This one is a constant with successful men. Whether you are one of the top earners on William street, or one of the best surfers in Uganda, you are not going to be successful if you don’t make the best use of your DAT, everyday.

“Efficient time management is a requisite to any meaningful success in a business.”


2. Being well-mannered….

If this seems a little old fashioned to you, then it is a pretty good bet you aren’t successful. Being well-mannered is something that matters when it comes to gaining the long term respect of others and reaching your goals.


3. Public Speaking

You might be smooth when it comes to online communications but none of that matters if you can’t seal the deal in person, and this goes double when it comes to speaking in front of a crowd or a camera. Step up your public speaking game or be left behind.


4. Treating people with respect….

While it might seem that is shows your success when you act like you are better than those around you, the opposite is true. Treating people you come into contact with respect shows them how confident and comfortable you are in your abilities, and hey, it’s the right thing to do.


5. Networking…..

In today’s world, it is pretty much impossible to be successful all by yourself,  no matter how good you are at what you do. You need a circle of like minded people around you to help you succeed. No successful man is an island.



6. Staying away from drama….

This is a big one. You could be on the fast track and heading towards success, then you might get involved with some drama and it could all come down fast. Most successful men don’t concern themselves with gossip and drama, they do their own thing and do it with class.


7. Looking sharp….

While one might not like to admit that it is true, guys that take care of themselves and look sharp tend to be more successful than those that don’t. As a society and a culture, we attribute certain qualities to men who look the part they play..


8. Kindness…

A successful man that is built for the long run knows that being ruthless is so last year. Today’s highly successful man recognizes that being kind to those around him is what gives him staying power.


9. Curiosity…..

Successful men have a variety of traits and habits, but one thing that almost all of them have is a curiosity about the world around them, and about others ideas. While it is important as a successful man to have one’s own agenda, it is equally important to have the ability to learn from the world around you.


10. Open mindedness….

If you stay in a box, either of your own making or someone else’s, you are very unlikely to achieve true success. Those men with an open mind are usually the ones that make their dreams come true.